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Huffman’s Auto Sales, Inc.

  • Huffman’s Auto Sales, Inc.

Huffman's Auto Sales, Inc.Website Design and Website Development

Huffman’s Auto Sales contacted Manna Interactive, because they were interested in redesigning their website. Their website at the time was a full Flash website, which did not work on iOS devices, such as iPads and iPhones. We met the team at Huffman’s Auto Sales and discussed the importance of having a website that not only displays on all devices, but is compatible and optimized for each and every device. After going through our presentation and talking about other areas of interest, such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Network integration, we began design and development of the new Huffman’s Auto Sales, Inc. website.

What you see now is a fully optimized and responsive website that is built with today’s technologies and social media in mind.

Visit the Huffman’s Auto Sales, Inc. website.

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