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The Trail Town Program

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Website Development and jesediaCMS

The Trail Town Program approached JESEDIA (now Manna Interactive) to develop a new website that was not only intuitive and fast, but to also edge today’s social media, such as Facebook and YouTube. This gives them the ability to leverage their website as an outreach tool as well as educating the public. And jesediaCMS gives them the ability to make their own changes and edits without the need to know any HTML or programming of any kind.

JESEDIA (now Manna Interactive) was able to meet these goals by using our cost-effective Content Management System, along side with top quality development and design. This project, as with all of our projects, included an overall scope of current market conditions, keyword analysis and benchmark testing for image downloading and website load speeds.

We were also able to take raw video footage that The Trail Town Program provided and create testimonial videos for online viewing via YouTube, by compressing each video and using graphical assets.

Visit The Trail Town Program© website.

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