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Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design. Mmm… That sounds good! So, what is it?Mmm... That sounds good. I think I'll have that!

Responsive website design or “RWD” (fancy, I know) is basically a website that is made to use CSS3 media queries. OK. Maybe that’s not basic enough. Let’s try this again. Take two…

Responsive website design is the principal of design that creates a website that can transform, and then conform, to the screen size or resolution of the device that is looking at the website.

What this means is – you essentially have one website for all devices.


That’s right! One (1) website for ALL devices!

  • Want your website to look awesome on a desktop computer? Done.
  • Want your website to look totally sweet on a tablet? Done.
  • Want your website to look like something that is actually “browseable” on a phone, like an Android phone or iPhone? DONE! KABOOM! Sorry…

The point is, designing and developing your website smart.

Now, you could have a website for your typical desktop PCs or MACs. And then you could have a website designed and developed for a tablet. And then you could have a website designed for an Android phone or iPhone. Sheesh! That’s at least three websites! Well, not if you have a Responsive Website.

To learn more about Responsive Website Design and Development, and to see if perhaps Manna Interactive can help you, please contact us.

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